The Most Important Thing in Illness is
Never to Lose Heart

As officers, we swore an oath to protect and serve those in need. COPS 4 the CURE was established to do just that. We want to help those who are affected by cancer and/or life threatening diseases. Why? It's because the impact of cancer and disease on our lives not only effects everyone in the community, but it can be truly devastating.

Pink Lady Fire Truck Pull

Join in the fun by putting together a team to pull the biggest, pinkest thing we could find - the Charlotte Fire Department’s Pink Lady Fire Truck!


Would you like to be part of group who helps others, doing their best to brighten the days of those affected by cancer and helping those facing the fight for their life? Join us today!


Interested in sponsoring one of our events? Contact Cops 4 the Cure to see where your company can help! We can only make things better for those around us with people like you.


Unable to attend one of our events, but still want to help? Use the link below to find out how you can donate today. We greatly appreciate and are honored by your support!

Ready to join?